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Our product
What’s your Marketing Consent Rate (MCR)?
Of all the people you are collecting personal data from, what % of them can you send marketing to? Dataships help increase your MCR so you can market to the maximum number of people you collect contact information from.
Shopify’s One size fits all
Pre Dataships
This configuration has an average Marketing Consent Rate of 22%
  • Missed growth opportunities: You’re collecting excessive consent in certain countries where the legal requirement is lower

  • Risk of fines and reputational damage: You’re collecting inadequate consent in certain countries where the legal requirement is higher

  • Lack of traceability: The absence of robust compliance records creates uncertainty over time about eligible marketing contacts
Our Dynamic solution
With Dataships
Our configuration has an average Marketing Consent Rate of 88%
  • Maximize growth potential: Intelligently collect the optimal level of consent per country

  • Mitigate compliance risk: Always collect the required level of consent according to the law

  • Instil confidence: Eliminate the uncertainties with comprehensive records for every contact and consent interaction
Collect, Verify, Sync, and Maintain your email marketing audience
How it works
  • Collect: Present dynamic location-based consent checkboxes to optimize growth and compliance
  • Verify: Our rules engine validates consent, cross-references opt-out lists, and generates audit-ready compliance logs
  • Sync: Everything you need synced to Klaviyo and Shopify in real time
  • Maintain: Continuously updating as contacts return to your store to purchase again or unsubscribe from your emails
Our SMS Product
Market compliantly to your SMS audience with confidence
How it works
  • Compliant Setup: We ensure every setting and configuration in Shopify and Klaviyo is set up correctly.
  • Ongoing Confidence: We perform automated daily checks to ensure everything remains correct and compliant.
  • Collect, Verify, Sync, and Maintain: Build an SMS audience supported by audit-ready compliance logs so you know who you can and cannot market to.
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