Data Privacy Compliance Toolkit

Bring all your customers personal data together and employ automated tools to comply with GDPR, CCPA etc.

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Use the Data Access Gateway and Control Panel together to manage your data relationships and comply with data privacy laws.


You must give your users access to the personal data you hold about them.

Categories & Purpose

You must list categories of data and corresponding purpose.


Your users must be able to give and withdraw consent to each piece of data.

Rectify & Erase

You must be able to rectify and (in some cases) erase personal data you hold about them.


Your users must be informed as to the recipients of their personal data.


Your users must be able to port their data to another provider.

Data Access Gateway Tool Management

Manage the Data Access Gateway Tool on your website or portal.

Integrations Management

Connect your existing data sources to the Dataships Data Access Gateway Tool.


Explore free educational content like Thought Leadership, Training Packs and FAQs.


Useful reporting into how your users are accessing and managing thier personal data.


Off the shelf data privacy templates (e.g. privacy policy).

Document Repository

Useful storage area for your key data privacy documents.


Our price plans flex based on the amount of personal data you manage. Click below to find out the plan that best fits your organization.

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