Gather more valuable customer data compliantly

Comply with global data privacy regulations and start collecting more personal data today.

Compliance as a growth enabler

Personal data is powering growth in the age of data privacy. With Dataships, you can easily comply with privacy regulations and optimize data collection, giving your teams access to more personal data to help grow your business.

Comply with global data privacy laws

Building a robust compliance foundation is as easy as it is important.

Optimize how you collect personal data

Optimize your data collection by region so you can collect more personal data.

Categorize customers by audience and channel

Build compliant lists by channel allowing you to market to more people across more channels.

Partnering with Dataships has given me peace of mind as I know all our activities comply with data laws. Dataships also builds everything around our customers privacy rights so we can collect more personal data and deliver more effective marketing campaigns.
Aimee Connolly
Founder of Sculpted by Aimee

Dataships has everything you need to stay compliant and collect more personal data

Get compliant with global data privacy laws

Build trust from the first click with privacy first software designed to give your customers control of their data while ensuring you stay compliant.

"Dataships set up everything I needed to be compliant with a very quick turnaround time."

Optimize how you collect personal data

Automatically optimize your data collection forms by region and collection type to get the maximum value from each customer interaction and power your owned data strategy. 

"No other solution offers such rich tools and we have the most up-to-date customer data"


Categorize your customers by audience and channel

Run the Dataships rules engine to categorize customers by their compliance status, so you know who you can message across each marketing channel.

Zipp Mobility supercharged their owned data strategy with Dataships

Zipp reached 50,000 customers in the last 6 months while using Dataships to ensure they were compliant with the latest global data privacy regulations. 

"We want our customers to see us as a trustworthy provider and it's nice knowing Dataships has this figured out for us."
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To stay compliant and grow online

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How businesses grow online is changing. Prioritizing first-party owned data will ensure compliance and help you build stronger customer relationships.

Playbook: Learn how to create a robust compliance strategy

Increasingly complex nature of these regulations makes it difficult for companies to create an effective data compliance strategy.

Checklist: Get compliant with GDPR regulations

With GDPR fines rising by 40% last year, it’s critical you make sure your website is compliant. Use our checklist to carry out a GDPR marketing audit quickly.

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