Collect more valuable customer data you can use compliantly

Integrate Dataships with your existing tools to automate compliance and optimise how you collect customer data.

Future proof your online growth with owned data

The way businesses grow online is changing. Stricter privacy laws and increased customer scrutiny have reduced the effectiveness of second-hand data. Creating a privacy-first (owned) data strategy will help you collect more valuable information and strengthen your customer relationships.

Comply with the latest global data privacy laws

Add Dataships to your website and start building customer trust from their first visit.

Optimise how you collect owned customer data

Optimise your data collection by region so you can collect more valuable data compliantly.

Classify customers by their compliance status

Classify by compliance status so you know who you can message across each channel.

Get compliant with global data privacy laws

Build trust from the first click with privacy first software designed to give your customers control of their data while ensuring you stay compliant.


Optimise how you collect customer data

Automatically optimise your data collection forms by region and collection type to get the maximum value from each customer interaction and power your owned data strategy. 


Know who you can message across each marketing channel

Run the Dataships rules engine to segment customers by their compliance status, so you know who you can message across each marketing channel.

Zipp Mobility supercharged their owned data strategy with Dataships

Zipp reached 50,000 customers in the last 6 months while using Dataships to ensure they were compliant with the latest global data privacy regulations. 

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Michael Storan

CEO & Co-Founder