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Black Friday / Cyber Monday
BFCM 2023: Review
Shopify merchants drove a record-high BFCM this year, with a 24% increase from last year. For Dataships customers, the same story rang true. This report dives into the exciting results of Dataships Shopify customers this BFCM.

Black Friday Results

Shopify Ecosystem Recap

61 million consumers globally purchased

Record $9.3 billion in sales over BFCM

Average cart price $108.12

Black Friday Results
Dataships Customers: Top Insights this BFCM

Black Friday Results
The volume of Marketable Contacts Over BFCM 
Increase in Marketable Rate this BFCM with Dataships
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Black Friday Result
Where did our customers’ purchasers come from this BFCM?