About Us

We are a diverse team of private investors, developers, user experience designers, entrepreneurs and IT consultants with a track record of delivery in professional services, regulation, consulting and technology platform development. We give small & medium sized businesses the tools they need to be GDPR compliant and build healthy, transparent data relationships with their customers.

Our mission

We understand that the GDPR presents a number of challenges to companies and that being compliant should be a key priority. But companies also need to look beyond simply ‘needing to comply’ with the Regulation and start looking at the bigger picture.

Let’s not forget the underlying objective behind the GDPR – protecting EU citizens’ privacy. This is why the GDPR was created. It hasn’t been designed to be a nuisance on companies, but rather to give individuals greater control over their own personal data.

Here at Dataships, we firmly believe that individuals are the rightful owners of their own personal data and should be constantly informed about what is being done with it. Updating a data privacy policy with vague wording and ‘double entendres’ isn‘t the way to do this. We believe that companies should give their customers the ability to view & manage their personal data themselves.

This was our mission when designing our toolkit – we want to offer companies affordable technical tools, guides and templates that will help them build good, trusting data relationships with their customers – or as we like to call them “dataships”.