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What's your Marketing Consent Rate?

Growth through compliance
W h a t' s
y o u r
M a r k e t i n g
C o n s e n t
R a t e ?
Of all the people you are collecting personal data from, what % of them are consenting to marketing? Dataships helps increase your MCR so you can market to more contacts.
14-day free trial
No card details required
Optimized consent collection
Seamless integration with Klaviyo
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Why Dataships?

Are you a Shopify store using Klaviyo for Email and SMS Marketing who wants

To use email and SMS Marketing laws to your advantage

To accelerate list growth compliantly

To increase revenue and LTV

We optimize your email and SMS marketing consent collection for growth and compliance
Benefits of using Dataships:
  • Maximize growth potential: Accelerate your list growth and increase revenue
  • Risk mitigation: Avoid the risk of fines and reputational damage due to inadequate consent being collected
  • Instill confidence: Eliminate the uncertainties with comprehensive records for every contact and consent interaction
Our product
Optimized Email and SMS marketing consent collection using a geo-located widget on your Checkout
Grow your Email and SMS lists by optimizing your marketing compliance at the checkout.
Our Features
  • Dynamic Consent Collection: Optimized checkboxes based on the contact’s location
  • Trusted Compliance Engine: Comprehensive validation and audit-ready consent logs
  • Seamless Integration: Klaviyo list management and status syncing in real-time
  • Sustained Compliant Growth: Continuously maintaining each contact’s status
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What they say

Our clients on

Implementing the Dataships tool has led to a significant uplift in our conversion of marketing opt ins at the checkout. This has resulted in more customers in our Klaviyo receiving our campaigns and ultimately additional revenue.


Sculpted by Aimee

Dataships helped our website to become more compliant with GDPR at the same time it offered a proficient way to increase our email subscribers. Above all Dataships Irish based staff was very helpful through the process.

Ecommerce Manager


Knowing that Dataships has our marketing compliance taken care of gives us peace of mind. We’ve also seen massive growth in our marketing audiences which has had a direct impact in increasing revenue.

Ecommerce Manager

Ever Eden

Dataships has given us great peace of mind knowing who we can and can’t email market to and also ensuring we capture any additional marketable contacts. The team are always quick to reply and happy to help, a pleasure to work with.


Bare by Vogue

This app has been a brilliant addition to our store. The Dataships team are incredibly knowledgeable and proficient and have been a pleasure to work with. I’d highly recommend them to anyone.

Ecommerce Manager


I’d 100% recommend Dataships for your ecommerce business. It’s seen a big increase in email list sign ups for us at checkout in a fully GDPR-compliant way. We’ve also got a much improved privacy centre on our website that meets requirements and good user experience.

Ecommerce Manager

The Essence Vault