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Use these playbooks to boost your owned data strategy and future proof your online growth. 

Owned Data

Your first-party owned data playbook

How businesses grow online is changing. Prioritizing first-hand owned data will ensure compliance and help you build stronger relationships with your customers.

Data compliance: Comply with global data privacy laws

Establishing a strong compliance foundation will set you on the right path to creating an effective owned data strategy.

Data collection: Collect compliant personal data

Optimizing your collection forms will allow you to collect more personal data while delivering a better online experience for your customers.

Data categorization: Create more effective marketing campaigns

Effectively categorizing your data will ensure compliance and help you personalize your marketing campaigns.


Direct marketing playbook

Did you know by 2023, data privacy regulations will cover 65% of the world’s population? Our direct marketing guide has all the tips you need to turn your data privacy policy into a competitive advantage.