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Become a Dataships partner to help your customers navigate the increasingly complex world of data privacy by automating their compliance requirements.

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Become a partner and combine the power of Dataships with our partner program resources, support, and expertise to win more business, expand your offering and provide industry-leading support to your customers.

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Get exclusive access to partner-specific tools, strategies and support that boost your short term and long term growth.

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All we ask for is the introduction. We’ll take it from there. No need for you to sell or become an expert!

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Refer businesses and earn revenue to offset your costs. We split the first year’s revenue 50:50.

Trusted Advisors

Build trust with your customers by adding industry-leading data privacy expertise to your offering.

Exclusive Content

Utilize co-branded data privacy content assets to nurture your leads and impress your customers.

Onboarding & Training

Upskill your team with dedicated training and resources to help set your brand apart from your competitors.

"Partnering with Dataships was a no-brainer for us. Our clients love having the peace of mind knowing their customer data privacy is on auto-pilot and there is a data privacy expert at the end of phone whenever needed. DataShips allows us to better serve our clients."

Why Shopify Merchants Need to Outsource Compliance

Complying with global data privacy laws is the new normal for online businesses. However, most Shopify merchants don’t know where to start with data privacy, and many wrongly assume Shopify automates their compliance requirements leading to:

Increased Fines

Shopify Merchants across Europe are increasingly at risk of fines as they do not have an adequate or up-to-date compliance program.

Wasted Time

Many merchants are wasting hours every week trying to solve compliance questions when they could be focusing on growing their business.

Lost Growth

They are not leveraging all of the first-party data at their disposal, reducing the size of their marketing audience and the effectiveness of their campaigns.

How Dataships solves the compliance conundrum

Dataships utilizes API technology to bring all of your Shopify customers data sources under one roof.

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