GDPR Compliance Checklist

Make sure your business is GDPR ready. Use our compliance checklist to carry out a comprehensive marketing audit quickly.

Inside we’ll cover:

  • The core compliance elements for marketing¬†
  • What you need to update regularly
  • Your options for handling compliance

An effective data strategy is essential to growing your business online. However, keeping your data processes up to date with stricter compliance requirements is becoming increasingly complex and time-consuming.

This checklist provides a simple step-by-step guide to understanding your GDPR requirements and implementing them successfully

The core GDPR elements

Find out exactly what regulations apply to your business and the assets you need for each.

What you need to regularly update

Know what you need to update regularly and the records of proof needed to comply.

Your options for handling compliance

In response to increasingly complex regulations, new tools have been developed to automate GDPR compliance.

Talk to a GDPR Expert

If you have any specific questions or challenges you would like to discuss, you can book a free slot slot with one of our data privacy experts.

Michael Storan

CEO & Co-Founder