Moyee Coffee grows their marketing audience by over 200% with Dataships

"Partnering with Dataships has given me peace of mind as I know all our activities comply with data laws. Dataships has also helped us grow our marketable audiences by greatly increasing the acceptance rate at checkout, which has made a huge impact for us." Shane Reilly Co-Founder of Moyee Coffee

Moyee Coffee was launched by a group of African and European entrepreneurs to share more of the coffee industry’s benefits with coffee-growing countries. They called this model FairChain.

In 2016 Irish entrepreneurs Shane Reilly and Killian Stokes established an outpost in Dublin to bring FairChain coffee to offices, shops and homes across the UK and Ireland.

The team at Moyee uses Dataships to grow their marketable audiences through optimized consent collection on their Shopify checkout.


When the pandemic hit, Moyee Coffee quickly shifted from selling to large offices to online sales on their Shopify Store.

Like most businesses, their eCommerce sales surged and quickly became a crucial part of their business. However, the team at Moyee recognized they had a problem.

Their average marketing consent acceptance rate was just over 27%.

The team at Moyee wanted to ensure they were getting the most value from each online sale and do more with the data they collected through their online checkout.

This prompted Shane and the team to engage with Dataships and implement an optimized marketing consent collection tool.


Realizing that they needed to get more out of every customer interaction, they looked for ways to increase their marketing consent rates.

Working closely with Dataships, Moyee Coffee implemented an optimized consent collection tool at their checkout, more than tripling their marketable acceptance rate to 83%.

How? By removing Shopify’s one-size fits all approach and instead using Dataships optimized consent collection tool:


Massive Growth In Marketable Audience

The team were able to improve their marketing acceptance rates from 27% to 83% on their checkout, thus growing their email marketable audience.

Compliant With Global Privacy Laws

Through the use of the Dataships tool Moyee Coffee were able to ensure they were compliant across regions.

Seamless Integration With Klaviyo

The team were able to get the most out of the data by connecting to their Klaviyo account.