We're a small team and we are growing rapidly. We needed to get our Privacy Program up to speed quickly without taking our eye off our clients. From the first engagement Dataships felt like an extension of the team and delivered an Enterprise grade Privacy Centre in no time. - Danny Way, Co-Founder

ICWhatUC leverage Dataships to win Enterprise deals

ICWhatUC’s Story

Clients of ICwhatUC send an SMS link to their customers to activate a video session. Customers can then troubleshoot their issues while the operator can mark up videos and guide the customer using AR tools.

ICwhatUC created an innovative virtual solution to replace outdated field calls. Due to Covid-19, adoption of the technology accelerated rapidly, with a greater array of clients using the technology across different industries.  Given the naturally sensitive nature of the tool, ICwhatUC were determined to demonstrate to clients that they took data privacy very seriously. They wanted to create a ‘best in class’ data privacy program, not only to satisfy existing clients but to win new enterprise clients, who demand robust privacy processes and procedures.

How Dataships Helped

Danny approached Dataships and explained where they wanted to get to with their Privacy Centre. The rapid growth of the tool meant that the Privacy Program quickly needed to get up to speed. The timeline was particularly pressing as ICwhatUC had a potential engagement with an Enterprise Client. Dataships’ quick and easy set up process allowed ICWhatUC to be onboarded in a matter of hours. This allowed Danny and the founders to focus their efforts on impressing their customers instead.