"Building trust with our customers is of utmost importance for us and leads to happier customers and increased lifetime value." - Abbas Bari, Founder

iClothing uses Dataships to build trust with customers

iClothing’s Story

Founded in Dublin, Ireland in 2010, iClothing is an online store that stocks the latest high street fashion items and accessories for women. Since its incorporation iClothing has grown to become the leading fashion retailer in Ireland in the online space, shipping thousands of orders every month worldwide. In e-commerce, establishing trust is the cornerstone to building long term relationships with customers.

The Problem 

For the Managing Director, Abbas Bari, customer satisfaction was and still is key for the e-commerce store. By focusing on their customers they know it can lead to returning users and lowering the amount the company needs to spend to acquire new customers. The team at iClothing identified that nurturing customer relationships was a crucial business goal and wanted to do everything they could to put this at the forefront of their activities.

Upon surveying customers, they found that customers cared deeply about what data iClothing held on them and how they were using it. Therefore iClothing enlisted Dataships to help the team build a transparent, best in class Privacy Centre.

The Solution 

Dataships built iClothing a Privacy Center specific to their needs as an e-commerce store. Through this Privacy Centre, users can now view all the policies and practices of the company as well as view, amend and delete the personal data that the company holds on them.

“Customers are at the center of all our thinking at iClothing and so is their data. We wanted to work with Dataships as no other solution offers such rich tools for our customers to use allowing them to visualise and amend their data in real time. It’s a win-win for us too as we then have the most up-to-date customer data to contact them with.

We believe that by offering our customers the ability to amend and access their personal data we are not only improving our own admin time & efficiency but we are also creating better data relationships with our users which pays off in the long run.”

The Result

By working with Dataships iClothing now has a compliant Privacy Center with all the policies its customers expect to see. This was a massive win for iClothing as not only are they ensuring their website is compliant, they are also showing a commitment to their users and their data privacy compliance rights.

“Over the last few years working with Dataships has given us that peace of mind. Our team can rest easy knowing that our customer data is meeting the highest standard of data privacy compliance.”