With the move online we didn't want to let our standards drop across the board - we knew we wanted to partner with Dataships to build a best in class Privacy Program to compliment our online offering and reinforce our values to our members. - Rory McInerney, Co-Founder

FFS uses Dataships to help with online transition & build trust with gym members.

FFS’s Story

FFS was founded with a focus on top-class training. They have a philosophy of putting people first and have created an approachable and fun environment, where everyone can make long-term changes to achieve their fitness goals

FFS have worked hard to build this culture for their members within the gym. With the shock of Coronavirus and the subsequent move online, they knew they had to recreate this elite environment across all aspects of the online experience. This included in their commitment to data privacy.

How Dataships Helped

Dataships began by implementing robust privacy & cookie declarations along with a dynamic cookie declaration. Importantly, all of FFS’ third party data sources such as Mindbody & Mailchimp were integrated into the Data Access Gateway so members could view the information held on them, edit it, download or delete it as per their rights under GDPR legislation.

FFS continues to grow and adapt to the new online world safe in the knowledge that they are offering their clients the best privacy practices available.