We know that GDPR compliance is important to our members and we wanted to offer them a premium data privacy service to match our in person offering. Dataships have been our Data Privacy partner since the introduction of GDPR and we're delighted with their service. - Damian Hall, Founder

Complete Personal Training uses Dataships to ensure compliance & build trust with users.

CPT’s Story

Complete Personal Training seek to create an approachable and fun environment to motivate, advise and support clients to get results fast.

Community is at the heart of CPT’s approach to fitness and it’s key that members feel they can trust the trainers and buy into the CPT approach. This is true across all touch points of their interaction with the brand. CPT wanted to ensure that they all online interactions with members mirrored this in person approach.

How Dataships Helped

Dataships began by transitioning all of CPT’s operations online and integrating with the tools that the team were already using including TeamUp, google sheets, Active campaign and more. Once this was achieved, the Data Access Gateway was set up allowing the CPT members to access and manage the personal information that they were sharing. Dataships monitors data privacy developments and CPT’s operations on an ongoing basis to ensure they maintain the highest levels of compliance.