Data Privacy Compliance Made Easy

Dataships provides end-to-end data privacy compliance so you can focus on growing your business. 

Growing companies use Dataships to automate their compliance

Provide Next-Level Customer Service

Your customers are the heart of your business, and ensuring that they have a positive experience with your brand at all touchpoints is vital. Give them the power to view, control, and request deletions or amendments to their data, all while being tracked and recorded by Dataships.

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Comply: A Comprehensive Compliance Solution

Dataships’ Comply product is where data compliance meets technology. Our platform is an end-to-end, integrated solution designed to give your customers control of their data while ensuring continuous compliance with data regulations globally.

Customizable Privacy Center to house all you need for your outwardly facing compliance

Internal Control Panel complete with everything you need to manage your compliance

Customizable cookie banner & declaration pages

Bespoke privacy policies based on your operations & geolocated to the end user

System of Record of Compliance—all your compliance activities, logged

Dashboard to monitor your compliance activities

Customer Preference Center

A comprehensive Customer Preference Center solution

Enhanced control and visibility for customers with a customized Privacy Center

Portability request management software

Automated customer profiles including individual audit logs, consent history, and data mapping

Erasure request management including work queue for internal tracking

Access to CIPP professional for complaint and audit support

Easily managed marketing and consent prompts with a personalized Control Panel

Your Customer Data Compliance Management on Autopilot

Dataships’ Comply gives your customers access to a customizable Privacy Center and cookies tool that empowers them to precisely manage their data based on where they are. As a result, your customers trust your brand, and your team experiences the peace of mind that comes with putting your compliance on autopilot.


Experience Compliance Process Perfection

Dataships’ Customer Preference Center tool gives you the tools to automate your data subject access rights into a workflow. This allows you to automate the tracking and management of customer requests. By granting your customers access to a customizable Privacy Center and Cookies Tool that empowers them to precisely manage their data based on where they are. 

Working With Us

With Dataships, you aren’t only partnering with a team of privacy experts experienced in all of the data compliance rules. You are also gaining access to an innovative platform made to make managing customer privacy effortless. No matter where your customers are or the size of your brand footprint, your team will have the tools and expert support you need.

What our customers say

Before Dataships, we didn't know what we had to do from a compliance perspective. The Dataships team helped us set up for our customers, and they love it. Once a month we get a report, and apart from that, I never have to think about it!
Sinead Brophy
Founder of Go With The Flow Coaching
We wanted to embed the product in a robust Privacy Program, and Dataships gave us the tools we needed to achieve this. We were really impressed with the team’s knowledge of the Privacy landscape and their focus on putting the end-user at the centre of all Privacy considerations.
Quinn Underwood
Co-Founder, Autumn AI

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