Dataships automates compliance so you can focus on your business

Ensure you are compliant with the latest data privacy laws across any region. Get set up in less than 5 minutes.

Quick set-up

Use pre-built templates for your privacy centre and cookie banners.

Easy to integrate

Get compliant fast. Generate your website installation code in a couple of clicks.

Expert support

Utilize our team of privacy experts to get maximum value from Dataships right away.

Data privacy compliance wherever you do business

Complying with data privacy laws is the new normal for online businesses. However, creating a compliant data privacy plan can severely drain your team’s resources – that’s where Dataships comes in. We provide end-to-end data compliance so your team can focus on what they do best.

Capture more consent with optimized cookies

Choose your preferred style and add it to your website in minutes. Collect consent and record advertising preferences to create a personalized customer experience.

Generate dynamic privacy policies that keep you compliant

Generate compliant privacy policies tailored to your business that will automatically update in line with changes in the law.

Create a Customer Preference Center

Save time and build trust by giving your customers control over their data and automating their data subject requests with a customer portal.

Automatically log your compliance records

Dataships will maintain a historical log of all your compliance activities, including data subject requests, cookie acceptance rates and privacy policy views.

End-to-end compliance for your business

Customizable Privacy Center to house all you need for your outwardly facing compliance

Internal Control Panel complete with everything you need to manage your compliance

System of Record of Compliance—all your compliance activities, logged

Customizable cookie banner & declaration pages

Bespoke privacy policies based on your operations & geolocated to the end user

Dashboard to monitor your compliance activities

Working With Us

With Dataships, you aren’t only partnering with a team of privacy experts experienced in all of the data compliance rules. You are also gaining access to an innovative platform made to make managing customer privacy effortless. No matter where your customers are or the size of your brand footprint, your team will have the tools and expert support you need.

We wanted to work with Dataships as no other solution offers such rich tools for our customers to use, allowing them to visualise and amend their data in real-time. It’s a win-win for us, too, as we have the most up-to-date customer data to contact them.
Abbas Bari
Founder of iClothing

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