Gather more compliant customer data with dynamic consent collection

Dataships Collect automatically applies different privacy rules to your forms based on region and collection type, so you get the maximum value from each customer interaction.

Connect your store

Connect your Shopify Store to Dataships in a couple of clicks.

Optimize your forms

Automatically apply geo-located consent collection to your forms.

Grow your business

Collect more valuable personal data for your marketing campaigns.

Take control of how you collect consent on your Shopify Store

Using a one-size-fits-all approach to data collection hurts your marketing efforts before you’ve even started. Dataships helps you create an effective owned data strategy by taking a privacy-first approach to consent collection.

Optimise your Shopify forms by collection type and region

Dataships integrates with your Shopify Store to update your consent collection forms based on your customer’s location and the type of information you are collecting.

Categorize your audience by marketing status

Automatically segment your customers based on their legal standing, so you know exactly who you market to and why.

Populate your marketing platform with up-to-date compliance statuses

With our Klaviyo integration, you can utilise compliant data collected via Shopify forms to confidently launch marketing campaigns and get full value from your customer data.

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Your playbook to optimizing data collection

Prioritizing an owned data strategy will help you collect more personal data and deliver a better online experience for your customers and prospects.

Ready to get started?

Set up your privacy hub in minutes and see how easy it is to achieve and maintain compliance with Dataships.