How Data Privacy Software Companies Are Changing Compliance in 2022

In the last year, much has changed in the data privacy landscape.

Between the world’s biggest tech companies introducing powerful new personal data management features to support their users’ privacy preferences and the enactment of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in July 2021, businesses and users are still adjusting to a new world.

The changes have introduced new ways for users to control and understand how their data is being used, but they have also made it more difficult for businesses to leverage their reach and customer data to meet their business goals. Fortunately, there have also been big improvements in the types of data privacy software companies can use to successfully navigate these new expectations without running into the risk of noncompliance.

So just how has the privacy landscape changed and how can businesses use the latest data privacy tools to their advantage?

A Year in the Evolution of Data Privacy

The biggest changes in data privacy in the last year have resulted from the introduction of new data privacy regulations that coincide with gradually increasing expectations for personal privacy on behalf of individual consumers.

In fact, just within the last year, businesses have had to adapt to the following changes:

As a result, businesses have continued to realize that focusing on privacy practices could help them gain a competitive edge as lawmakers and consumers become more and more aware and concerned about the use of personal data in marketing.

How Data Privacy Management Software Can Help

Fortunately, businesses now also have more powerful tools at their disposal to assist them with maintaining compliance and simplifying their data management tasks. Implementing industry-leading data privacy management software is an important step as brands continue to benefit from the effects of globalization. Customers might now be anywhere in the world, which means they may be protected by any number of different data privacy regulations that businesses will need to abide by.

In particular, making the decision to utilize industry-leading data privacy software companies like Dataships can offer your business:

  • Intuitive and comprehensive internal and customer-facing tools that simplify how your organization controls privacy settings and manages consent.
  • Automated features to tailor marketing lists based on customer consent, geographic location, and other preferences, which simplifies marketing efforts while helping to avoid noncompliance.
  • Native integrations that make managing customer data easy by weaving compliance controls into existing workflows.
  • The ability to stay nimble and up to date as regulations change and as your customer base expands into new markets.

Future-Proof Your Data Privacy Compliance

From balancing budgets to wowing customers, business leaders and marketing professionals like you already have so much on their plates. The additional responsibility of staying up with global data privacy regulations can seem complex and overwhelming.

Fortunately, your business doesn’t have to handle it all on your own anymore; data privacy software from leaders like Dataships can bring the automation, efficiency, and rigor your business needs to handle compliance without the headache.

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