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(L-R) Luke Krueger, Guillermo Salazar and Danny Way, founders of ICwhatUC. Supplied photo


We're a small team and we are growing rapidly. We needed to get our Privacy Program up to speed quickly without taking our eye off our clients. From the first engagement Dataships felt like an extension of the team and delivered an Enterprise grade Privacy Centre in no time. - Danny Way, Co-Founder

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We know that GDPR compliance is important to our members and we wanted to offer them a premium data privacy service to match our in person offering. Dataships have been our Data Privacy partner since the introduction of GDPR and we're delighted with their service. - Damian Hall, Founder

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Go With the Flow

“I wanted to begin online marketing but I didn't want to leave myself exposed from a data privacy point of view. Dataships set up everything I needed for me with a very quick turnaround time.” - Sinead Brophy, Founder

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How Data Privacy Software Companies Are Changing Compliance in 2022

Between the world’s biggest tech companies introducing powerful new personal data management features to support their users’ privacy preferences and the enactment of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in July 2021, businesses and users are still adjusting to a new world. So just how has the privacy landscape changed and how can businesses use the latest data privacy tools to their advantage?

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GDPR & CCPA: Similarities and Differences

There are several similarities between both laws, but there are also some key differences between the two regulations that businesses and marketing professionals need to be aware of. In doing so, they can not only steer clear of fines for noncompliance and potential backlash from customers but also adapt their strategies to still reach their target audiences effectively.

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